Deputy Commissioner Message

KVs are centers of excellence because of the care, attention and the help teachers provide to the taught. The closeness between the teachers enhances more in students’ working with the teachers in improving the teams’ performance where the teachers also get credits as House Masters, Class Teachers, In charges of Club Activities, I/Cs of Sports and Games, I/Cs of Science exhibitions, Scouts and Guides, NCC etc. The shared responsibility of conducting morning assembly, functions and inter-house programs make students learn to achieve more and win laurels to their teams.

Secondly, the multi culture of students broaden the thinking of students to tolerate and understand various cultures and places. The learn to work with students from various states, religion and sections. There is a wonderful mixture of the privileged and the lesser privileged in every classroom that complements students to respect all people and value work.

Thirdly, the number of curricular and co-curricular activities going on through out the year put them early to learn values such as responsibility, punctuality, and quality. Indeed, the days spent in KVs certainly groom and shape a wonderful future for students to succeed in their lives, irrespective of the academic achievement in their school days.

This magic will continue as it is an ever-lasting fountain and hence there is no wonder the employers or college professors on seeing some unique talent and maturity among youngsters invariably discover that they have been students of KVs.

So, congratulations that you are students in a KV, that you are teachers in a KV and we are very proud and blessed to watch your disciplined work and achievements year after year.

Let’s leap further into this unique journey by living our days and weeks fully. Running the worth of every second in a minute. Not feel tired before getting really tired and strive to add bolder colours to the great achievements of India.

Jai Hind!